Sunday, February 17, 2008

almost there

it's so cold outside. yesterday keith was up at 4:00 am and set off with his buddy to go ice fishing. i tell him his idea of fun is my idea of torture. 2 hours of cold bumpy noisy snowmobile riding into the lake just as the sun is coming up. standing by a hole in the ice for hours in the cold wind. they actually didn't make it to the lake because there was a huge bull moose on the trail in front of them and they decided not to disturb him. so they just went to the "shiver shack" in the woods and had a boil-up and returned back around noon. i finished off another scarf for my "american shop" and sent off her order. then came home and hooked all day. the tulip mat is almost finished. i have to finish the binding on the large mat, paint 10 little "chintz" boxes and deliver all the work to catherine on friday to take into st. john's. almost there.

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