Monday, September 10, 2007

where should we go?

robyn has been sending me info on interesting shops etc. to check out while i'm in new york city. the latest is a little button shop called tender buttons (she says it feels like a button museum). robyn lives there half the year (the other half in gillams, newfoundland - see her fairisle blog on my links list). she knows exactly what i'm looking for to either purchase (vintage fabric, yarn remnants, old buttons) or be inspired by (contemporary and ancient textiles collections etc.)i know many of you have been to new york. any suggestions? my daughter edith is looking for lace and wallpaper and fashion bargains. we're both vegetarian so would love some restaurant suggestions. or just any amazing sites? i discovered the tenament museum in the lower east side the last time i was there and loved it. what do you love in nyc?

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