Thursday, September 20, 2007

some things i discovered in nyc

this was my 4th trip to nyc (over a period of 40 years) and every time i go there i discover different things (about the city and about myself). i've gone as an excited impressionable teenager and budding artist, a graduate m.f.a. student passionate about painting and the "art world", a newly unemployed and recently divorced middle-aged woman. and now. a self-employed fibre artist. a mother of a grown woman.

i discovered:

the staten island ferry: free! a 1 hour round trip ferry ride to staten island that gives you a magnificant view of the skyline of nyc as well as the statue of liberty and ellis island.a wonderful way of orienting yourself.

fancy places: we stayed at the pod hotel at 51st and 3rd so there were a lot of fancy places around us - tiffany's, trump towers, high end fashion "ateliers", takashimaya (an amazing department store that is more like a museum or gallery of exquisite design). we decided that we would go everywhere we wanted and not let our fear of snobbery hold us back. we were greated warmly wherever we went.

yarn shops: i was told to go to knitty city on upper east side and habu in mid manhattan, and we stumbled upon purl in soho. exquisite exciting yarns from all over the world. makes me want to drop my hook and pick up my needles.

digital camera this is the first time i've traveled with a digital camera. i've always carried a sketchbook to record things that inspire me. i still made notes but it was wonderful to have this discrete little camera and be able to photograph everything.

cheap eats. new york city is a wonderful place to eat well and cheaply. sidewalk juice bars! deli salad counters! ethnic restaurants of every kind. and cheap! only once did we spend over $20.00 on a meal (for 2!). i'm vegetarian and i live in a place where it's almost impossible to eat out so this was a real treat

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