Saturday, September 8, 2007


as a feminist buddhist i shouldn't like westerns. but i do. cowboys live by simple truths. i grew up watching western movies at the saturday matinee and on tv. davey crockett was my first hero and i learned to tie bows on my lace-up davey crockett shirt. the first books i read on my own were the little house on the prairie series ( i can still remember the shelf they were on - way down at the bottom under wilder - in my school library). but most of all i wanted a covered wagon to live in. i see now that it was my love of travel, combined with my need to nest, that made me think that this was the ideal home. tonight keith and i went and saw 3:10 to yuma. loved it.
ps i collect vintage "cowboy" fabric - flannel and cotton - and line my baby overalls and pants with it, and make cowgirl "twirly" skirts.

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