Thursday, September 27, 2007

and one more trip

i'm heading into st. john's this afternoon for a few days. i'm on the board of the rooms (newfoundland's art gallery, museum and archives) and we're having meetings saturday. i'm taking a big wholesale order into the devon house craft council shop - the last order to be filled before christmas. so when i get back sunday i can buckle down and make work for the craft fairs. i'm also taking an extra day to spend with my excellent grandchildren - 7 year old grandson and 2 year old grandaughter. we live on opposite ends of the island (900 kms) so i don't see nearly enough of them. my daughter and her husband have just bought a new house (a wonderful 100 year old "arts and crafts style" house that needs alot of work, so they won't be moving in for another month). fortunately my son-in-law is a contractor so they take these renovations in their stride. this will be a sweet break before the craziness of craft fairs sets in. i'm taking in a new knitting project i'm designing and hopefully will get it worked out and into production.

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