Tuesday, September 4, 2007

his world is slow

skipper is old and his world is slow. i volunteer at the local spca, and 6 years ago skipper was brought in from down the coast. his owners were elderly and couldn't keep him when they moved to the seniors home. we think now that he was probably about 10 years old and few people are willing to adopt such an old dog. so we fit him into our home.he spends most of his day napping now. his "walk" is a slow meander through the garden. he's very stiff and has to be carried up and down the stairs. when it's warm his breathing gets laboured. skipper is pretty well blind and deaf. but he still loves his dinner and lights up when he knows he's getting a piece of cheese or banana. he's old, but not sick, and still has his pleasures. we watch him carefully.

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