Sunday, February 19, 2012

what's pleasing me now

i've been feeling a little flat lately. that usually happens after a period of extreme activity. when all i want is for things to slow down and let me take a breath. and when they do...
this week i had a healing touch session with a good friend. this always helps. she described my state as being in stasis - like the crest of a wave.
so i've been enjoying this crest.
i've been enjoying the lengthening days and the sunlight pouring into the kitchen in the late afternoon.

the spring flowers i've been buying at the grocery store.

painting the hall.

and this box that arrived late last week from robyn full of inspirational reading and wonderful old textiles. i finished off a little textile piece and have begun another.
i'm enjoying this crest.

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MyMixMix said...

Sounds like you are surfing, riding the crest....that's exciting in itself.