Wednesday, February 22, 2012

emily carr sees green

in my mind, some artists will always be associated with certain colours. rembrant brown. van gogh yellow (sunflowers) and ultramarine blue (cafe sky). matisse cobalt (his cut-out jazz figures). and emily carr green.
our little book club just finished reading (and discussing) susan vreeland's "the forest lover". it was wonderful getting back into emily carr's world. in my youth i read all her books. during her lifetime she was known at least as well for her writing as she was for her painting. after reading the "forest lover" i went back to "growing pains" (her most complete autobiography) to hear her voice again.

i'll be adding "the forest lover" to my etsy shop later today.

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steffani f. said...

I love that book! read it a few years back. Sure wish i kived closer!