Thursday, February 9, 2012

in the woods

every winter i teach 1 course in the theatre dept. at the university here in corner brook. kind of an art fundamentals course to 3rd year stage craft students. the classes are always small (4 students this year). the course is always changing.
two weeks ago (while i was in orlando), barb hunt stepped in and presented a lecture on the history of knitting and taught them to knit. one class, on snowshoes, we went up to 3 bear mountain and they each selected a tree to yarn bomb.

danielle's tree was wounded - torn and cut. she turned it into a "candy tree" to make it happy.

ashley was all about comfort. wrapping in warmth and filling in the gaps.
luke wanted to encourage the life energy back into his birch tree. and figured out how to knit these pretty complicated and realistic birch leaves (not bad for a beginning knitter).

and sarah, who chose an insignificant little alder shrub at the edge of the hill, envoked it's potential as a large, wise weeping willow.

we'll be leaving this intallation up for the rest of the term. so if you live in the corner brook area, put on your snowshoes and see if you can find them. (hint: they're at the beginning of the path to your left and on the first loop of the trail.)

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