Thursday, January 26, 2012

before the show

i've never travelled south in winter before. the morning we left for florida was cold and snowy. hard to imagine that in a few hours we'd be casting off our winter clothes. but we did. as soon as we arrived at the airport.
this is the message that greeted us us we drove to our rented house in kissimee outside of orlando.
our first stop was to orange world to stock up on enough citrus to last the week.

and after settling in, a trip to downtown disney for supper.

day 2 we drove east to the ocean and spent a leisurely day poking around thrift and antique shops (i came home with some wonderful vintage textiles) and on the beach - excited to be feeling warm(ish) ocean water, collecting shells,spotting new birds and plants.

and in the late afternoon we food an old ocean side bar in cocoa beach and had a beer. (one of the things i pictured us doing).

and then headed home. a picture postcard perfect sunset.

and some of us went for a swim...