Saturday, January 28, 2012

before the show (part 2)

day three of our florida trip we went to disney world. when you're travelling with a group, you don't get to make all the decisions.
we chose epcot centre - the newest disney theme park and devoted to learning. i was impressed. (everyone i know who has ended up at disney has had the same reaction). beautiful grounds. friendly and intelligent staff. high quality displays. and of course a day wandering around in glorious warm sunshine.

we spent most of our time at the international pavilions- canada, england, japan, morocco (for lunch).

i took photos of all the disney characters i came across and again was really impressed with their professionalism - beautiful costumes and make-up, how they took poses and facial expressions right out of the movies. and especially how careful and sensitive they were with the children. so yes, i'd love to bring the grandchildren back to experience this.
the follwing day we drove into orlando, to "antique row" and spent the morning in and out of antique and thrift shops.i came home with some wonderful vintage textiles to work with.

we tried going to the ameican folk art museum but it was closed because they were changing shows. so in the afternoon, with our only rainy day of the trip, we headed to the premium outlet stores.

and on friday, we set up for the show.

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