Monday, December 5, 2011

clearing out

i'm not sure how my studio got to be so disorganised this year. my annual clean-out usually takes place after the holidays. after the rush and the chaos of the christmas craft fairs. somehow it had reached the point that i couldn't think straight and was avoiding the studio (except to card my batts). so yesterday i attacked. hoping that a re-arrangement of the larger furniture with give me more room

now i have 3 "work stations" and i'll try to keep them seperate. one for working on my textile art - the sewing and felting and applique and embroidery work.

one for planning and making my batts.

and the 3rd for finishing the skeins and dealing with the business end of production. the spinning still happens in the living room.
i'm not knitting commercially anymore so i'm de-stashing my yarn and passing bags-full off to i can see what i have. it helps me make decisions.

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