Tuesday, April 22, 2008

well, it doesn't look like a spinning wheel!

yesterday i ordered this baby. it's called an ashford kiwi. from new zealand , but through a newfoundland dealer (linda lewis at baynoddy). when i first started looking i had a set image in mind of what a wheel should look like. many don't anymore. this little one grew on me. it's small - so it's portable. it has a double treadle. both feet are working so it doesn't put as much strain on you. i can buy an attachment to go with it so that it can handle the slubby irregular "art yarn" i want to make. i'll pick it up in st. john's the end of may.


Robyn said...

It looks beautiful to me! I am so happy for you...I am sure you will never regret it, except maybe when your laundry is in a huge pile, the dust bunnies have turned into elephants and everyone is looking for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, or all of the above and you are still spinning, spinning, spinning!

Can't wait for our first frolic!

skiingweaver said...

I'm jealous!! How fun! :)

Heidi, at London-Wul said...

Yay!... excellent news Shawn!
The kiwi is such a sweet litle wheel - you're going to love it!