Saturday, April 12, 2008

van gogh's shawl

i finished the shawl yesterday and put it up on etsy. my sister heather sent in the suggestion "van gogh's spring shawl" as the title. i didn't get the connection immediately but went back to the original photo i posted a couple of days ago and there it was - a swirly van gogh night sky! thanks for the inspiration heather. now i think i'll start a monet's waterlilies or an o'keefe's poppies...


Ex-Shammickite said...

The rug's looking great!
I'd love to have a go at rug hooking but I have to finish all my current projects first... Here's the list: quilt - half finished, stained glass stars - all cut, need to be foiled and soldered, knitting some cute baby bootees, knitting pattern for a baby hat, some wool yarn I am going to dye, plus I'm rehearsing for our local annual variety show that's held at the end of April.
Oh, and a garden that needs to be tended once all the snow has melted and the ground has thawed!
Ain't life great!!??

island sweet said...

oh sure you can find time for rug hooking too!
if and when you're interested, i've posted a tutorial "rug hooking made simple" on