Wednesday, April 16, 2008

time with friends

yesterday i took a holiday from work and spent time with friends. i finally got to rilla's home/studio for a visit. rilla marshall is a young artist/weaver who moved to newfoundland from pei last fall. she and her artist/student/partner live in one large room above an antique/craft store. with their gorgeous big friendly tabby cat louie. in that room they live, sleep, cook, eat etc. and work. rilla has 2 looms set up - one for her production line of wonderful scarves, the other for her more ambitious art tapestries. she's in production mode right now because she has 2 gallery exhibitions happening early next year and wants to devote the summer months to that work. living and working like this you've got to be motivated and organized and rilla is.
in the evening i met with the west coast craft fair committee for our annual "appreciation" dinner. a wonderful time eating, laughing, commiserating and planning this year's event.
so today - back to work.

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Brenda Stratton said...

I like the picture of the table!