Friday, November 11, 2011

cat rescue on the humber river

three weeks ago, a litter of 6 little kittens were discovered by some hikers on a trail across the humber river just outside of corner brook. they managed to rescue the kittens but the mother took off into the woods. keith's buddy, pete, spends alot of time on the river and a few days ago, while sitting in the woods, the little mumma cat made an appearance. very shy. but also hungry. so every day pete would return with food and little by little she grew to trust him.

yesterday keith and pete went across on a sea-doo (this spot isn't accessible by road). she appeared almost immediately. and in a little while she ended up on keith's lap, eventually falling asleep.

they had no trouble getting her into the cat carrier.

and she wasn't even too upset going back across the river. kim at scaredy cat rescue had arranged a foster home for her. so last night "hope" (as she's been called by the foster mum) spent a safe, warm and dry night. she'll now be spayed and put up for adoption. if you are interested in adopting this little sweetheart, call the western newfoundland spca at 783-2747 or kim at scaredycat rescue 640-9541.


Unknown said...

That's nice - thanks to Pete and Keith for doing that. She (and the kittens) wouldn't have survived the winter.

Valerie Brown
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ShannonAnn said...

A big hug to Pete and Keith! I wish I could take her but I already have three rescued cats. lol

knix said...

Warms my heart to hear about goodness when we hear so much horror on the news!

Janice Higgins said...

Kudos Peter and Keith! Scaredy Cat Rescue was trying to organize a search party for this Momma,but she found you, thank heavens, for we wouldn't have made it to this spot across the river!
This malnourished momma cat could not have survived much longer on her own without irreparable damage, or becoming a meal for the wildlife. She spent the night in a queen size bed with her foster parents, rather than the cold forest floor. Her foster mom, a vet tech, already has her on the road to health.
Keith and Peter, your big hearts are inspirational! On behalf of the kitties and SCAREDY CAT RESCUE,I thank you!

stephcats said...

please be sure she is adopted and not euthanized. So happy she was rescued and sure hope she finds a forever home.