Thursday, November 24, 2011

and home again

a very quick spur of the moment trip into st. john's. there's no dermatologist in corner brook now so i've been wait listed to have some moles and spots on my face looked at. too many years of too much sun. everything's fine. they were burnt off and now i look like i've been hit in the face with a hockey stick.
other than that, i spent some lovely time with the family.
sharing fibre with lucy.

a trip to lester farm to visit the animals and get some of the last of this year's local produce.

board games. lots of stories and snuggles.

i went to the toddlers program at the rooms with finn and his st. john's nan.

and daily drop offs and pick-ups of eamon and lucy at their school.
but mostly spending a full day alone with my daughter who is half-way through her 4th pregnancy. who took the day off work to take me to the doctor. then christmas shopping and going for lunch and talking and talking...

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Barbara said...

Despite your surgeries ... what great photos and it makes me homesick ... we were home in August and visited the Rooms as well.
I hope you are doing OK and will miss you at the One of A Kind this year!
Wishing you the very best and good healing,