Thursday, February 3, 2011

skies clearing

i leave for halifax at noon today. yesterday everything seemed on hold - with strong winds and heavy snow in halifax and heading for newfoundland. but the storm missed the west coast of the island and all flights are going ahead.
i'll be attending the Atlantic Craft Trade Show - a 3 day event where craftspeople set up displays of their work and retailers come by and place orders. it's my first trade show and i don't really know what to expect. i've been nominated for an award for "excellence in product design" so i'm hoping that will help draw people to my booth and lead to some good orders. what i want from this show is to establish good links with a few new shops who will carry my yarn and kits. and then stay home and work at a steady but sane pace rather than the craziness of working towards a big show.
this weekend will also be a time to celebrate with people who share a love of craft -producers and retailers and government administrators.
i'm packed and ready to go...
i'll be putting my etsy shop "on vacation mode" until i get back tuesday.


Newfoundland Fibre Artist said...

Good luck at the show! And I wish you many orders :-)

Nun of a Kind! said...

Good luck at the show! I am sure that you will come home with lots of orders to fill! Easier to do than to try to anticipate what will sell when doing another kind of show! Have fun!