Friday, November 5, 2010

my limitations

when we are young we assume we can do whatever we want. we can count on our bodies to get us where we need to go. staying up all night to finish off an essay. partying into the wee hours and then getting up at 6:00 with the babies. hitchhiking across the country, throwing down a sleeping bag at the side of the road and continuing the next day with the same energy and excitement.
this week i tried pushing my mind/body to an extreme. spinning from 7:00 in the morning till about 11:00 at night (trying to make enough product for the upcoming toronto ooak show). and of course, at 60, i couldn't do it without repercussions. mid-week my left shoulder started to give me pain (the left arm guides the fibre on the spinning wheel) and i realized that i could do serious damage if i continued at that pace. so - i took wednesday night off - lying on the couch on a heating pad (i startled flora when she came upon me - she didn't know me lying down!) and yesterday i mixed up my activity - dyeing, knitting and spinning - along with a good walk. so today i feel good. and i'll just go a bit slower.

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knix said...

Shawn I just had a flashback of my "last decade"...all nighters, cross country adventures, sleeping bags in precarious places...and now way too early morning with the little hearts!!WOW. It all catches up on us indeed. Go easy and breath like Robin know this if any one does. I sure with I could help you...tagging, packaging...anything? A massage? Seriously!