Monday, November 22, 2010

and away we go...

our flight tomorrow is 5:30 am so we'll be getting up around 2:00. keith is coming with me this time for a few days - to help set up my booth at the ooak and to help out for the first few days. this will make the 11 day show seem alot shorter.
this time i'll be selling skeins of handspun yarn and batts, handknit shawls and cowls and scarflettes and knitting kits (that include handspun yarn and handmade needles and a pattern for a scarflette or a pair of fingerless gloves). my booth is R32 (around the middle of the show) and please introduce yourself as a follower of my blog when you drop by.
i'll be returning dec. 7th and will get my blog and etsy shop up and running again that week. see you then...


Urve Manuel said...

Best of luck, Shawn, I know you'll do well! Enjoy the craziness!!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Wish I could be there but I'm here on the coast...hope the show goes Brenda going? Say hello to all fellow crafters!

Krista said...

Hi there Shawn,

I hope OOAKS went well. I was there the first day and bought a kit, you said I could e-amil if I needed help and I do.

I am currently working on the fingerless gloves. I casted on and did the first 10 rows.

Now it says:

k10, inc. in next st, k2., inc. in next st. k to end
p next and every other row
cont. in this manner until there are 34 sts.

Now what I understand is I have to cst on 10 mor sts, but how I am reading this pattern it seems alot more. Also it says p every other row, but after the first 10 rows it doesn't say how many rows to do.

Then comes the thumb then it says 4 rows. Does this part just mean k 4 regular rows?

Please help.

Thank you.