Wednesday, April 29, 2009

saying good-bye

rilla and her partner damien are moving away tomorrow. last night barb gave a going away party. rilla is a core part of our craft group. she's been here less than 2 years. although she is the youngest member of the group, she brought to us a level of maturity and seriousness in the way she approaches her craft (weaving) and her life. she has a clear path. and to reach her goals, halifax is the place for her to be now. so we're happy for her, and sad for us. fortunately she's a faithful blogger so we'll always feel in touch.

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Marshall Arts said...

this is soooo nice shawn - thank you. I will miss our group a whole lot. you have been such an amazing inspiration and mentor to me during my time in NL and I have been very very lucky to have found such kindred spirits in you and the group. But, yes, we will be in constant touch via blogs.
lots of love. rilla