Tuesday, January 13, 2009


as much as i love spinning (and oh yes i do love spinning...) the most creative part of making yarn for me is "building" a batt. laying down a base colour. deciding what accents to add. what novelty yarns for texture and added colour. a little angelina glitter or not. clumps of mohair fibre locks for excitement. so today i've listed my first batts on etsy and will continue to add more (along with my handspun yarn and knitwear). this way i'll have something for the spinners, for the knitters and for those who just love handknit.


Trailing Mira said...

oouu... very pretty :) I can picture finished products!

Anonymous said...


skiingweaver said...

Beautiful!! Can't wait to have more time to really take up spinning... (when kids are a little older, I think, I did love what little I did, though!).