Thursday, August 30, 2007


i grew up in toronto. as a young artist i roamed the streets looking for inspiration and experience. yorkville and the small art galleries of the '60's. but mostly i walked queen st. the antique and junk shops, the indian and chinese and portuguese fabric shops, the buttons stores. rarely would i buy anything (although right here by my computer i'm looking at a piece of tile that i bought at "serendipity" when i was 16. it's always been where i rest my coffee mug). in newfoundland, this kind of "looking without buying" or "window shopping" is called "twacking".
i live in a small community now, so these days i "twack" on ebay. at the end of a long day of hooking or sewing or knitting or painting, when i can't move my hands anymore and my brain has gone mush, i go to ebay and browse. i fall into the same mental space that i did when i was young and walking along queen st. i go from vintage cotton to art deco tea cups to bakelite brooches... my latest (and most extravagant) find was these suitcases - 1950's butterscotch coloured leather with satin lining. i bought them and they arrived 2 days ago. inside they smell of lavendar face powder. i'll use them for display and storage.

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