Wednesday, August 29, 2007

final days of summer

i love summer. it's randomness. the comfort and ease of moving my body through the world. the colour. light and spare clothing. easy and raw meals. spending more time with friends and family. the unexpected.
i love autumn. the night closing in. flannel sheets and turning the fire on in the evening when you feel the first chill. the produce. raw carrots that cut like butter.
the new tv season. no guilt at spending all day inside working.
but i hate winter. in newfoundland it goes on and on and on.


Camille said...

winter is why i live in l.a. the worst it gets is 60 degrees, or maybe 55. but when you have 90+ degree summers, that's quite cold!

we have turned into such weather wusses... :)

bluebird of paradise said...

what a lovely blog. so creative and down to earth . i'm sure you will get lots of visitors. i'll be a regular for sure.
as soon as i learn to put links on my blog i will. and will send it to kyran