Monday, August 9, 2010

relaxed yet?

i spent all weekend finishing up 2 orders for st. john's. and today i start making yarn to take up to woody point with me next week. so yesterday afternoon was my "window" to get out into the garden. this summer has been so busy. my garden has been neglected. i scan the flowers as i rush out to the greenhouse for herbs. to pick a cucumber. in some spots all i can see is weeds. so facing this task yesterday was a bit overwhelming. when i garden i try to focus on just the area i'm with. get to know the plants after a long absence. but yesterday all i could think of was how much there was to be done. keith was mowing the lawn and re-organizing the shed (children's toys now into the back until next year). he sensed the state i was in and convinced me to take a break. sit back. feel the strong south westerly wind on my body. listen to the leaves in our tall poplar trees. relax. and i did. and then i gardened into the evening. and loved it.
ps.that's abigail sneaking peas.

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