Wednesday, December 30, 2009

fresh start

yesterday i bought a new computer. 10 years ago i was out of work and realized that whatever came next, i would need to be using a computer. so i bought one and bit by bit my friend ivan taught me how to use it. technology terrifies me because i don't understand it. ivan taught me how to be less fearful. so yesterday he went with me to get a new computer. the old one seems arthritically tangled up. and full.
my new one is young and bright and full of potential. we'll pick it up today and install it within the next few days. so i may be away from cyberland till the new year. if so - i wish all of you a fresh start.

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Corinne Burke said...

Good Luck with the new Computer, older computers are great for younger children and grandchildren to play on; basic games and applications, keeps them off your new one. :-)