Sunday, December 14, 2008

the princes' gates

in 1925 my scottish great uncle, who was an architect with chapman and oxley, came to toronto to work on the princes' gates at the CNE. 2 years later my grandfather came over from edinborough and shortly after my grandmother and mother followed. that's how we ended up in canada. the toronto one of a kind show was held in the direct energy building just behind the princes' gates. every day i would walk from my lodgings to the CNE grounds. it was about an hour's walk (wonderful way to start the day of 10 hours of basically sitting in my booth). i have a very poor sense of direction, and every day, taking a slightly different route, i would get slightly lost. and every day, at some point i would see the white angel on the top of the gates and know that i was heading in the right direction and would soon be there. she was my beacon...

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Shammickite said...

Congratulations on your One Of A Kind Show, I hope it all went well for you and you will feel confident to do it again.
Unfotunately I wasn't able to get to the show this year due to a personal crisis, which has now been resolved.