Wednesday, October 17, 2007


7 years ago i started volunteering at the local animal shelter (the bay of islands spca). for 2 of those years i had a full time paying job with them. now that i'm working full-time at my craft my involvement is limited, but i still edit their quarterly newsletter, answer their emails and every wednesday evelyn (the shelter manager) and i go to the city pound to check up on the animals that are being housed there. we check on their health, their living conditions, and, if there is any room at the spca, we take what we can. none of the adoptable dogs get put down any more because we are able to send them to shelters around the island that have more space than we do. unfortunately there are always too many cats and kittens to find homes for. at least in their final days they are warm and fed and are euthanized with dignity and care. check out our web site at

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