Tuesday, October 2, 2007


st. john's is known for it's "rain, drizzle and fog" but in a town noted for it's "large" weather, the jewel toned colours of the downtown row houses make a dull day bright. anything goes when it comes to colour. when i painted my house last summer (corner brook's standard is beige vinyl) i took my camera around st. john's and came home with ideas for all sorts of colour combinations. templeton's hardware on water street (and matchless paints) commissioned the development and naming of a collection of paint colours last year that represent what goes on in this city - names like "figgy duff", "little heart's ease" and "ferryland downs" (and my favourite -"christmas syrup").

my daughter and her family will be leaving this neighbourhood by the end of the month. their house is the bright green one. they have just bought a new house - still in the downtown- but in a neighbourhodd where the children will have a front yard and more freedom. they'll put this one up for rent for now - st. john's is booming and with so many people hopefully moving back they won't have trouble finding a tennant soon. these are all good changes but i'll miss the neighbourhood.

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