Thursday, November 28, 2013

since i've been back home, daily life has taken over. the day after i returned, keith's mum had a fall and hit her head and was kept in hospital for a week for observation. she's fine now, but we spent days and evenings with her to make her stay more comfortable. and the washing machine broke down and had to be replaced. so that meant lugging laundry to a friend's house before we got a new one installed
. and a big yarn order was waiting for me when i got home, so all my creative energy is going into dyeing and spinning again.
the greatest gift an artist residency gives you is time to work. when everything else is pushed to the background. when you get up each morning and all you have to do is make. and when you have unlimited, uninterrupted time, you notice more. during the first week of my residency, along the trail, behind the house, the golden larch needles looked like crazy stitching. this was the inspiration for "larch in autumn". yesterday i sent it, along with 2 other paintings to the emma butler gallery in st. john's.

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