Monday, June 17, 2013

i belong to a wonderful book club. we are small (only 5 members). we wait until everyone has read the book (so we only manage about 6 books a year). we take turns hosting the gathering in our homes and prepare meals (and often dress the part) that are somehow (and often very loosely) based on the book.
this past weekend we had the privilege of meeting at tess's in woody point to discuss and celebrate the book "remarkable creatures" by tracy chevalier. she's best known for her book about vermeer "girl with the pearl earing".
we also often give little "loot bags" and tess gave us all these wonderful annomite pendants.
and baked us an "annomite" and starfish rhubarb and strawberry pie.
 woody point is an hour and a half drive from corner brook, so we stayed overnight and woke to this wonderful "annomite" sunrise.

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steffani f. said...

Sounds wonderful, do tell Tess I still have her painting hanging in my house, as I have yours.... Hugs steffani