Wednesday, March 21, 2012

beginnings and endings

it was a "large" weekend - a weekend of beginnings and endings.
1. it was the first time i'd taken part in the newfoundland provincial trade show. i have shops in st. john's, and on the west coast of the island. what i'd hoped was that i'd have a chance to meet shop owners from other parts of newfoundland who didn't yet know my product. and i did. and i now have enough orders - in newfoundland, the maritimes and across canada and even in the usa to keep me going for the forseeable future.

2. we spent the first couple of days with the grandchildren. we took finn to his first ever big screen movie (the lorax) and he was entralled. keith bought lucy "sea monkeys" (which hold the same fascinating allure now that they did when we were young). and he taught her how to do head stands. and on one of the days i was at the show, he took eamon to choose his joint parent/grandparent birthday gift - a super scooter. he turns 12 next week.

3. and i got to be with my very pregnant daughter. the newest baby is due the end of april.

4. and at the same time, keith's sweet uncle nish was dying and we spent time with family in and out of the hospital, and when nish died on monday, eamon was with us at the hospital and there was a merging of our families. of generations young and old. lives beginning and lives ending.


Robyn said...

Oh, it sounds like a beautifully poignant time to you and all! XOXO

Shammickite said...

Congratulations of all the orders, and congratulations to your daughter, and my sympathy goes to keith and his family.
Do you think Keith could teach me to do a headstand?

Robyn said...

Hi Shawn, I just awarded you a Liebster Award. No speeches can check it out here: