Friday, October 8, 2010

and then the work

the next couple of months mean full days (and nights) of work - dyeing, spinning and knitting - making product for the toronto one of a kind show that takes place the end of november. so when i went to st. john's for 10 days i took with me enough yarn to knit up while i was away. i managed to get through about 3/4's of it - cowls, shawls and scarflettes. after i dropped the children off each day for school, i went to coffee matters on military road and enjoyed a double cappachino in the comfort of a soft couch and read a little and knit until the craft council opened at 10:00. there i worked on the third floor - that's the view looking out over the narrows. i'd break at noon to pick up lucy and then back for a couple of hours until school was out at 3:00. evenings were exhausting and after the children were all in bed i had only a couple of hours to work. i remembered how it was when my own kids were little. how hard it was to work. how much you have to set yourself aside for your little children.

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